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The first administrative organization to be established in the country to manage water affairs was called the Independent Irrigation Agency. The rules, regulations and powers of this organization were approved in May 1322. In March 1963, a bill was approved to establish the Ministry of Water and Electricity, and based on that, an independent irrigation company became part of the ministry. On January 15, 1980, the establishment of the joint stock company of Fars, Bushehr, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Regional Water Organizations as the custodian of the water department in the center of Shiraz was approved by the parliamentary commissions. The company was responsible for supplying and distributing drinking water, industry and agriculture for the three provinces of Fars, Bushehr, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad. Since 2006, with the abstraction of the General Departments of Water Affairs of Bushehr, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces, the name of the company was changed to Fars Regional Water Company and the scope of operation of the company was changed to Fars Province. 


Geographical location


Fars province with an area of ​​4.123966 square kilometers is located in 50 4242 to 36 ˚55 east longitude and 27 2020 to ˚42 ˚30 north latitude. 

Of this area, about 30% is plain and 70% is altitude. The highest area of ​​the province is Kuh-e Sefid Eghlid (with an altitude of 3943 meters above sea level) and the lowest area is the Mand riverbed at the end of Dejgah plain (with an altitude of 150 meters above sea level). 
Hydrologically, Fars province is located in a dry region and its average annual rainfall for 25 years (water year 1368-69 to 1393-94) is 2.306 mm. The minimum average rainfall of the same period was measured at Manj Bavanat station (7.92 mm) and the maximum average rainfall of the same period was measured at Ben Rood station (6.1054 mm). The average annual temperature of the same period is 7.18 degrees Celsius and the average annual evaporation from the pan during the same period is 2780 mm. 


The name of the first class catchment

Name of the second degree sub-area (square kilometers)

Central Plateau

Tashk-Bakhtegan and Maharloo lakes 31227/3



Gavkhoni   2070/8

Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman

Hindijan-Surgery         5376/3

Hele   9306/4

Mand and closed cups 39821/7

Kol, Mehran and the islands of the Persian Gulf     21403/5

Karun Bozorg 260/2



Scope of action






Fars province is one of the provinces of Iran which is located in the southern part of this countryThe climate of Fars province in different parts of this province is divided into three types: mountainous, temperate and warmWith an area of ​​about 123966  square kilometers, this province is the fourth largest province and with a population of 4,851,274 tons, according to the population of the Statistics Center of Iran in 2016, is the fourth most populous province in IranAccording to the country divisions in May 1390, Fars province is divided into 29 cities, 100 cities, 83 districts and 204 villages.


Tasks and assignments

According to the articles of association, the subject of the company's activity is the recognition, study, protection and optimal use of water resources, hydropower generation, creation, development, operation and maintenance of water facilities and structures (excluding water and sewage facilities and structures). And hydroelectric power within the framework of the duties contained in the laws and regulations related to the policies of the Ministry of Energy.

The main tasks of the company include:

  • Preparation and implementation of water supply and transmission plans for various sectors of consumption (agriculture, drinking and industry)
  • Implementation of programs and approvals of the Ministry of Energy and matters referred to the company in the implementation of the Law on Fair Distribution of Water and other laws and regulations related to water.
  • Conducting a basic study of water resources and quantitative and qualitative protection and monitoring the use of water resources
  • Assigning the subscription to the applicants based on the relevant tariffs and delivering the required water to the subscribers
  • Attracting the participation of the people and the non-governmental sector in the implementation of water resources development projects, irrigation and drainage networks, etc.
  • Carrying out any operations and commercial transactions within the framework of relevant laws and regulations


Managing directors of Fars Regional Water Company from the beginning of its establishment 






Date and duration of management


Ahmad Ashourpour

Head of Independent Irrigation Company before establishing the company 


The late Saifuddin Marashi

Beginning of the year 48 to mid-54


Ismail Moeini Zand

Half 54 to 57


Asghar Manavi

57 to early 58


Reza Bani Asad

Early 58 to December 59


Hamid Hamidpour

Head of Azar 59 to Shahrivar 60


Hossein Shafieifar

September 60 to February 64



February 26 to January 72


Khalil Rezaeian

72 =~ 76



October 76 to October 80


Khalil Rezaian

October 80 to November 89


Hamid Reza Dehghani

Azar 89 so far 

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